Send a Letter

If you believe that you have been greenwashed by a company engaging in misleading environmental marketing practices, send a letter to a company to ask them to stop GREENWASHING.

The example below is meant to serve as a template for your own letter or email.

Subject: I’ve been greenwashed
To: _________

I recently noticed that your product _________ committed one of the Sins of Greenwashing ( Your product commits the Sin of _________ by _________.

Your greenwashing practices are misleading consumers about the environmental benefits of your products.

I am writing to ask your company to stop greenwashing. Be honest about the environmental claims on your products. Provide proof and specific information of the claims you are making; don’t focus on one environmental impact of a product when there are others that are just as important; don’t make green claims when the product itself has no discernible environmental benefits.

I will not buy products that greenwash. Please stop your greenwashing.


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