Print Archive - Attention shoppers: beware of false eco-claims April 15, 2009 110.5 KiBToronto Star - Eco-friendly labelling? It's a lot of 'greenwash' April 17, 2009 200.3 KiBHow Going Green Can Hurt Your Business Source: QSR Magazine. March, 2010 - Consumers have become more aware about greenwashing and in this article, business's are warned not to commit and on the "Sins". 50.6 KiBConsumer's Digest - Inside America's Green Machine April 2009 1,016.7 - Some Marketers Should Reconsider ''Organic'' Positioning April 9, 2009 110.1 KiBDon't Be Duped SOG 40.8 KiBTime Magazine - Eco-Buyer Beware September 11, 2008 394.7 KiBThe Economist - The Good Consumer January 19, 2008 256.7 KiBThe Montreal Gazette - Not So Green After All February 16, 2008 503.6 KiBPackaging Digest - (Greenwashing affects 98% of products says Terrachoice) May 7th, 2009 27.5 KiBScott McDougall, President and CEO of TerraChoice High-resolution photo 652.3 KiBMaintenance Supplies - Greenwashing affects 98% of cleaning products May 14th, 2009 27.5 KiBThe 7 Deadly Sins of Greenwashing May 8th, 2009 45.4 - Make your life a little less toxic May 19th, 2009 99.5 KiBCONSUMERS MISLED BY GREENWASH Source: The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL, USA, June 26, 2009 Consumers misled by Greenwash Based on Suzanne Goldenberg's article in the Guardian, this writer reports on the findings of the Seven Sins report. 298.6 KiBUS PACKAGING COVERED IN FALSE GREEN CLAIMS, CONGRESS TOLD Source: June 25, 2009 by Jill Park A report of Scot Case's testimony to the U.S. Energy and Commerce Panel. 39.8 KiBCONGRESS PONDERS GREENWASHING Source: Sierra Club, June 24, 2009. By Sarah F. Kessler Based on Scot Case's testimony, Kessler describes the Seven Sins of Greenwashing study. 62.7 KiB“GREENWASHING” RAMPANT IN US, SAYS EXPERT Source:, June 24, 2009 by Danny Bradbury This article contains details from the Seven Sins of Greenwashing Study, based on Scot Case’s testimony in Washington. 12.1 KiBSTUDY: 98 PERCENT OF “ECO-FRIENDLY” PRODUCTS MAKE MISLEADING CLAIMS Source: Mother Jones, June 22, 2009 by Josh Harkinson This article talks about Greenwashing and discusses the Seven Sins study. 13.6 KiBGREEN CLAIMS BY MARKETERS GO UNCHECKED Source: USA Today, June 22, 2009 by Traci Watson Traci Watson’s article cites the Seven Sins of Greenwashing study and reviews recent legal actions taken by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 28.1 KiBAMERICAN SHOPPERS MISLED BY GREENWASH, CONGRESS TOLD Source: June 21, 2009 By Suzanne Goldenberg This article discusses the Seven Sins of Greenwashing report. Scot Case's testimony to Congress is used to provide a summary of the report. 22.9 KiBEXPERT SAYS GREENWASHING WIDESPREAD Source: Smart Company, June 30, 2009 By David Stone-Resneck Australian coverage of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing report findings. Also covers the Australian travels of Scott McDougall, TerraCoice President. 93.2 KiBCONSUMERS FACE WAVE OF GREENWASH Source: The Age, June 30, 2009 By Mathew Murphy Australian coverage of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing study and of Scott McDougall’s presence in Australia this week. 109.0 KiBGREENWASH TAINTS MOST “ECO-FRIENDLY” CLAIMS Source: The Ecologist, June 23, 2009 This article mentions of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing study based on Scot Case's testimony in Washington. 170.2 KiBSINS Sins of Greenwashing Test 563.2 KiBThe Art of Greenwashing Source: University of Western Australia, July 1, 2009 This article talks about the difficulties in shopping for green products and how to avoid being greenwashed. 64.7 KiB5 Ways to Protect Your Company from Green Litigation Source: AllBusiness, August 1, 2009. By Jonathan Sweet - This article discusses green remodeling in homes and how remodelers can protect themselves from potential green lawsuits. 51.6 KiBGovernment Preparing to Tackle "Greenwashing" Phenomenon Source: Entrepreneur, August 12, 2009. By Trisha L. Smith - Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee met recently to discuss fair green marketing practices. TerraChoice appeared as a witness of the congress. 21.7 KiBGreenwashing: New Report Offers Tips for Staying Out of Trouble Source: Triplepundit, August 19, 2009. By Deborah Fleischer - The author of this article contrasts The Seven Sins of Greenwashing report to a new report Understanding and Preventing Greenwash: A Business Guide. 30.8 KiBGovernment Hears Green Claims Source: Maintenance Supplies, August 20, 2009. By Kate Rusnak - The article discusses how governments are taking greenwashing more seriously. Recent enforcement actions have been taken by the FTC and Canada Competition Bureau against major corporations making false green marketing claims. 25.5 KiB7 Deadly Sins of Greenwashing Source: CEPro, August 27, 2009. By Steven Castle - This article outlines The 7 Sins of Greenwashing. 44.6 KiBNew Advertising Code to Crack Down on Greenwash Source: G-Online, September 16, 2009. By Leon Gettler - This Australian Association of National Advertisers published an Environmental Claims in Advertising and Marketing Code, which will help Australia crack down on greenwash. 23.8 KiBOnline Game Targets Greenwashing Source: Packaging Digest, October 14, 2009. By David Bellm - This article talks about greenwashing and the Name That Sin game. 33.9 KiBThe Eco-Sell Source: Macleans Magazine, October 7, 2009. By Kate Lunau - The Seven Sins of Greenwashing study is referred to in this article about how green marketing can change the world. 26.4 KiBManufacturers: Beware of "Greenwashing" Source: Environmental Leader, October 4, 2009. By David Dornfeld - The author of this article talks about greenwashing and makes a reference to the Six Sins of Greenwashing. 33.0 KiBThe Seventh Sin Source: Alternatives Magazine, October 2009. Brian Mulch - A page in Alternatives Magazine discusses the findings of The Seven Sins of Greenwashing Study. 2.0 MiBPreventing Greenwash Report Source: CSR International, September 23, 2009. This report mentions the Seven Sins of Greenwashing. 33.7 KiBRadio New Zealand Interview Lise Beutel of TerraChoice interviews with Radio New Zealand “Nine to Noon” host Kathryn Ryan about greenwashing and the Seven Sins study. 4.6 MiBHousing has been 'greenwashed' Source: Philadelphia Weekly, January 6, 2010 - This article about third-party certification and greenwashing in the housing industry discusses The Sins of Greenwashing Study. 30.0 KiBJohnson & Johnson’s Sustainability Strategy Includes Avoiding Greenwashing Source: TriplePundit, November 14, 2009. By Nayelli Gonzalez - This article discusses Johnson and Johnson's sustainability efforts and how they ensure they have transparency by following the 7 Sins of Greenwashing. 42.7 KiBAre You Getting Greenwashed? Source: Homemakers Magazine, November, 2009 - Homemakers Magazine published a 7-page article about greenwashing. The article features an interview with Scott McDougall, President of TerraChoice. 2.5 MiBConsumer Groups Fight Greenwashing Source: The Copenhagen Post, January 14, 2010 - Consumer groups in Denmark are taking action against greenwashing by introducing new rules for companies claiming to have environmentally preferable products. The Sins of Greenwashing Study is mentioned. 18.8 KiBGreenwashing: Making Companies Come Clean About Their Claims Source: Cleaning and Maintenance Management Online. January 2010 - The author of this article discusses mixed messages that are being sent with the green and sustainability movements. He outlines some of The Sins of Greenwashing and suggest companies should work within standards already set by trusted third parties. 36.6 KiBMisleading "Natural" Claims Source: Natural Cosmetic News. February 4 2010 - The Seven Sins are explained in an article about greenwashing in the cosmetics industry. 39.7 KiBGreen or Greenwashing? You Decide Source: The Orillia Packet & Times. February 19, 2010 - Greenwashing and the FTC guidelines are written about in the Orillia Packet. The Six Sins of Greenwashing are also listed. 34.2 KiBGreenwashing in Green Marketing: A Rising Trend Source: Natural Home Magazine. February 17, 2010 - Natural Home Magazine examines the trend of greenwashing in green marketing and references the Seven Sins of Greenwashing. 32.6 KiBGreen Myths Source: Los Angeles Times. February, 2010 - Listing their top 10 green home myths, an L.A. Times writer recommends EcoLogo products and using the Six Sins of Greenwashing as a guideline. 61.4 KiBGreenwashing Finds - Key Items to Look For Source: EcoPulse. February 11, 2010 - A blogger lists some credible eco-labels as referred to by Green Living. 221.6 KiBCorporate Green: New Study Reveals How Perceptions Don’t Match Reality Source: Ecorazzi. March 1, 2010 - The Sins of Greenwashing are covered in this article along with suggestions on how to avoid them. 41.7 KiBEnergy Efficiency: Restaurants go green for looks not savings Source: Greenwire. March 5, 2010 - Scot Case is interviewed in an article about restaurants and environmental sustainability. 26.1 KiBSFI Marks 2,000 Chain-of-Custody Certified Locations Source: What They Think. March 10, 2010 - This article on the SFI Program quotes the Seven Sins of Greenwashing and notes the support of the program in the report. 23.6 KiBGuerrilla Marketing Goes Green Book Review Source: Suite 101. March 10, 2010 - This review of "Guerilla Marketing Goes Green" mentions that the book lists the Six Sins of Greenwashing. 34.0 KiBSix Obstacles on the Road to Corporate Responsibility Source: The Huffington Post. March 15, 2010 - The authors of "The Responsibility Revolution" mention the Seven Sins of Greenwashing in this article for The Huffington Post. 28.2 KiBNewPage Sponsors Webinar on Marketing Strategies To Avoid Greenwashing Source: Business Week. March 31, 2010 - An article announcing the webinar entitled "Green Marketing without Greenwashing", featuring Scot Case. 24.2 KiBThe Fifth Sin Impacts Green Certifications Source: Trans World News. April 9, 2010 - Trans World News writes about a report released by the Green Business League on the Sin of Fibbing. 19.9 KiBHow Not to Get Greenwashed Source: The Globe and Mail. April 19, 2010 - Erin Millar explains how to avoid greenwashing with advice from Scott McDougall and a mention of EcoLogo. 35.7 KiBJump on the Green Train With Your Eyes Open Source: BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association. April 27, 2010. This article features great coverage of the important insights gained from TerraChoice’s Seven Sins of Greenwashing study. 379.6 KiBGreenwashing Away Our Future Source: GreenBuilder Magazine Online. April 2010 - In this article, Matt Power discusses TerraChoice's Seven Sins of Greenwashing study in depth. 352.5 KiBA New Tool for Avoiding Greenwash Source: Sustainable Life Media. April 19, 2010 - Andrew Winston explains how TerraChoice's Seven Sins of Greenwashing study and Ogilvy and Mather's new Earth marketing guide can be used together by marketers to avoid greenwashing. 552.5 KiBAvoiding Greenwash and its Dangers Source: Andrew Winston Blog. April 21, 2010 - On his personal blog, Andrew Winston discusses how marketers can use TerraChoice's Seven Sins study and Ogilvy and Mather's new guide to avoid greenwashing. 465.0 KiBGreenwash: Beyond the False Claim Source: Earth Times, May 25, 2010 - False claims in the consumer product industry are discussed in this article with mention of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing. 284.3 KiBSome Companies Greenwash in Effort to Clean Up Source: The Chicago Tribune - This article advises consumers to be aware of TerraChoice's Seven Sins of Greenwashing study as to avoid purchasing greenwashed products. 820.0 KiBGreenwashing is the New Grey Source: Schulich Engineer Magazine, Spring 2010 - This article has great coverage of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing study, with great insight from TerraChoice’s Scott McDougall. 3.1 MiBHow to Spot Fake Green Products Source: MSN Money, June 21, 2010 - This is a great article featuring all Seven Sins of Greenwashing and advice on how to recognize products committing these sins. 439.9 KiBHow to Go Green Source: Playthings Magazine, June 15, 2010 - This article discusses sustainability issues in the toy industry, with mention of TerraChoice’s Seven Sins of Greenwashing study. 1.2 MiBGreen Glossary: Greenwashing Source: Growing a Green Family Blog, June 14, 2010 - This blog post defines greenwashing for its readers, and includes the coverage each sins from TerraChoice's Seven Sins of Greenwashing study. 924.0 KiB'Greenwashing' Discourages Eco-Friendly Behaviour: Study Source: The Globe and Mail, June 2, 2010 - This article highlights the results from the survey by the National Geographic Society and GlobeScan as well as an interview with TerraChoice’s Scott McDougall. 252.2 KiBTest Your Knowledge of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing with Name that Sin! Source: Green Living Blog, June 10, 2010 - This post aims to educate the consumer about the seven sins of greenwashing and invites the reader to test their knowledge by playing TerraChoice's online game, "Name that Sin". 340.3 KiB98% of Companies are Guilty of Greenwashing Source: IT Online, July 12, 2010 - This article describes greenwashing and provides results from the Seven Sins of Greenwashing reports in order to inform and discourage companies from commiting any of these sins. 386.0 KiBHow to Get Past Greenwashing and Which Eco-labels to Trust Source: Greenwala, July 7, 2010 - This blog post introduces the concept of greenwashing and provides 4 trusted food eco-labels, in response to TerraChoice’s Seventh Sin of Greenwashing: The Sin of Worshipping False Labels. 373.0 KiBIn the Green Source: Gulfshore Business, July 1, 2010 - This article discusses greenwashing from a business perspective: what to avoid; possible consequences; as well as tips for the consumer. The "Sins of Greenwashing" study is mentioned, to introduce the concept of greenwashing. 467.6 KiB6 Reasons Why 'Natural' on a Label is Meaningless Source: WalletPop, July 7, 2010 - This blog post focuses on the use of the 'natural' food label, and the lack of regulations regarding its use. TerraChoice's Seven Sins of Greenwashing are used as a reference guide and comments from the report are shared. 709.4 KiBFact vs. Fiction in the Marketplace Source: The Rainforest Alliance Blog, July 14, 2010 - This article discusses the prevalence of greenwashing in today's marketplace, along with the Seven Sins of Greenwashing study. 302.9 KiBGreenwashing: How to Avoid the Typical Marketing Traps Source: The Environmental Leader, July 14, 2010 - This article discusses common misleading claims in the marketplace related to greenwashing. 371.2 KiBMarketing to the Green Consumer Source: Multi-Housing News, August 2010 - This article includes a great profile of TerraChoice’s Seven Sins of Greenwashing study as well as insight from TerraChoice’s Scot Case. 965.1 KiBGreenwash-Free Products More than Double in Latest 'Sins' Report Source: GreenBiz, October 26, 2010 545.2 KiBMisleading Claims on 'Green' Labeling Source: The Wall Street Journal, October 26, 2010 840.3 KiBReport: 'Green' product claims are often misleading Source: USA Today, October 26, 2010 363.0 KiBConsumers 'greenwashed' in every aisle Source: National Post, October 26, 2010 5.3 MiBGreen products' false claims rampant: report Source:, October 26, 2010 210.5 KiBGreen products on the rise, report says Source: The Toronto Star, October 26, 2010 327.7 KiBGreen Life: Certified green - by whom? Source: The Gazette, November 8, 2010 524.6 KiBEco friend or foe—can you tell the difference? Source: Consumer Reports, November 1, 2010 191.4 KiBProducts In US, Canada Mislead On 'Green' Labeling Source: my FOX, October 26, 2010 298.9 KiBMost eco-friendly consumer products guilty of greenwashing: TerraChoice study Source: Marketing Magazine, October 28, 2010 188.7 KiBSeeing red over greenwashing Source: Calgary Herald, October 29, 2010 394.9 KiBStudy: 95% of Green-Marketed Products Utilize Misleading Claims Source:EcoHome Magazine, October 27, 2010 362.3 KiBRenewable Electricity Without Greenwashing Source: Electric Energy T&G Magazine, December 2010 - Susan Herbert authors a Guest Editorial about how to market renewable electricity without greenwashing. 689.3 KiBHow to Bring an Eco-Friendly Product to Market Source: Inc,. December 13, 2010 This article, featuring Scot Case, shows readers how to strengthen their claims, play by the rules, and cash in on their latest green innovation. 78.7 KiBOpportunities and Risks in the New Green Marketing Rules Source:, Dec. 9, 2010 The 2010 Sins of Greenwashing Study is featured in this article that explores whether brands are responding to consumer demand or are trying to create a green market. 940.6 KiBGo Green: Five green consumer trends for 2011 Source: Leader-Journal, Dec. 23, 2010 The 2010 Sins of Greenwashing Study is featured in this article that looks at five green consumer trends for 2011. 330.6 KiBSeeing Red Over Green Source: Greenhouse Canada, February 2011 The Seven Sins of Greenwashing are cited in this article that touches on how consumers are seeking "greener" products. 564.0 KiBAll That Glitters isn't Green Source: Examiner, January 23, 2011 This article references the Sins of Greenwashing website. 262.5 KiBBeware of false green advertising campaigns Source: BC Local News, February 15, 2011 This article mentions the EcoLogo Program as being a reputable Canadian organization for certifying “green” products. It also cites statistics from the 2010 Sins of Greenwashing report. 282.8 KiBDefining Green and Sustainability: Sorting through the green and sustainable lexicon Source: Housekeeping Solutions, February 13, 2011 EcoLogo is listed as a common eco-label. Greenwashing is also explored. 859.3 KiBBeware of the false certification Source:, Feb. 15, 2011 Recent Federal Trade Commission action against use of a deceptive environmental certification and the 2010 Greenwashing study and TerraChoice are credited for having recently identified the rise in false green label use. 284.1 KiBThe green clean Source: The Windsor Star, May 14, 2011 A busy mom of two, and closet environmentalist, learns how to clean while staying "green". Angela Griffiths is quoted explaining EcoLogo and the prominence of greenwashing in the marketplace. 808.8 KiBGood for the environment, and your bottom line Source: Report on Business, April 2011 Read about TerraChoice in Report on Business magazine and its successful growth into an environmental marketing firm. 3.4 MiBHas green come clean? Source: Alive, March 2011 Have “green” labels come clean of greenwash? TerraChoice’s 2010 Sins of Greenwash study proves that they haven’t. Scott McDougall is quoted explaining the rise in “green” products and the presence of greenwash. 1.1 MiBGreenwashing in the Travel and Tourism Industry Source: Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series, May 8, 2011 In an article examining greenwash in the travel and tourism industry, TerraChoice’s Sins of Greenwashing are applied to a set of “green travelling sins”. 737.0 KiB'Green' seen as deceptive advertising Source: UPI, May 21, 2011Scott McDougall is quoted in an article on greenwashing, which also mentions TerraChoice and the results of its 2010 Sins of Greenwash study. 139.4 KiBGone green or greenish? Source: Chicago Tribune, May 21, 2011 Scott McDougall is quoted in this article about consumers questioning “green” claims. TerraChoice and the results of the 2010 Sins of Greenwashing study are mentioned. 3.6 MiBMaking sense of LCA in packaging Source: Packaging World, July 2011 In an article about sustainable packaging, TerraChoice is mentioned along with the Seven Sins of Greenwashing and the Sin of the Lesser of Two Evils. 48.9 KiBSkepticism grows over products touted as eco-friendly Source: LA Times, May 21, 2011 Scott McDougall is quoted in this article about consumers questioning “green” claims on products. TerraChoice and the results of the 2010 Sins of Greenwashing study are also mentioned. 615.5 KiBGreenwashing: Nearly All Products' Eco-Friendly Claims Are Bogus or Misleading Source: Time Magazine Blogs, May 23, 2011 In this blog about greenwashing, findings from TerraChoice’s 2010 Sins of Greenwash study are shared and the difficulties of finding truly greener products is discussed. 176.8 KiBMidas touch turning products green? Source: Natural Products Marketplace, June 1, 2011 The Seven Sins of Greenwashing are outlined in this article about the increase of green products and claims. 247.8 KiBMarketing Green and the Rise of Greenwashing Source: Triple Pundit, May 26, 2011 While mentioning TerraChoice and the 2010 Sins of Greenwashing study, this article explains how hard it is to buy a truly “green” product. 344.5 KiBSpring Conference Highlights Source: Reeves Journal, June 1, 2011 In this overview of the Plumbing Manufacturers International spring conference, Scott McDougall examines green marketing issues, and mentions TerraChoice and the 2010 Sins of Greenwashing study. 670.8 KiBGreenwashing is Slowly Washing Away Source: Science in Society Blog, May 27, 2011 The 2010 Sins of Greenwashing study results are analyzed and TerraChoice is mentioned in an article about the presence of greenwashing over the years. 189.9 KiB'Greenwashing' consumers Source: On Line Opinion, June 16, 2011 TerraChoice and the results of the 2010 Greenwashing Study are mentioned in an article discussing the increase in demand for “green” products 683.5 KiBEco-Friendly Life Series: Greenwashing Source:, June 17, 2011 This article on an electronic recycler’s site discusses the Seven Sins of Greenwashing, and mentions TerraChoice. 350.5 KiBBeyond Looking Green Source: Environmental Leader, July 5, 2011 This article touches on the appearance of green packaging, and mentions TerraChoice’s Seven Sins of Greenwashing. 446.8 KiBGreenwashing: What does it mean and how to avoid it Source: - Florida, August 4, 2011 In an article written about greenwashing and how to avoid it, TerraChoice's 2010 greenwashing study and the Seven Sins of Greenwashing are mentioned. 33.2 KiBStop the greenwashing Source: Healthy Building Network, August 3, 2011 TerraChoice and the Seven Sins of Greenwashing are listed as a great resource to use to avoid greenwashing. 43.1 KiB
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